Kanilai appeals for government support to complete Mosque construction

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Kanilai Imam Allasan Jallow has appealed to the government to help them complete the construction of the only central mosque in their community that was started by former President Yahya Jammeh; where he hailed from.

Jallow said the rains are coming and they have no other place where they can conduct their prayers, saying without support, they will not be able to pray in an unfinished Mosque during rainy season.

The construction of the central mosque that solely funded by Mr. Jammeh still remain the same since his going into exile in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea after the lost the 2016 election. There are many other unfinished projects of Mr. Jammeh in the tiny West Coast Region village, including the village’s central market and some of his own construction projects.

Imam Jallow said the central mosque was under construction before Jammeh left and is yet to be ready but they have erected a small mosque with corrugated iron sheets just near the uncompleted mosque. “It is unfortunate that the work has stopped after former president Yaya Jammeh left The Gambia.”

He said they encounter leakage problems during the rainy season especially around the month of August and hope that the government, private sector and philanthropists can offer them support to complete the mosque. “This is not about politics. I believe that if the government complete this mosque or anyone who contribute to finish this will have abundant reward from Allah,” he said.

Imam Jallow praised the young people of Kanilai who, he said always come to the mosque to pray. “This shows that they will become responsible people when the elders are not around.”

Musa Bala Bojang, the village’s youth development association Secretary General narrated that life after Yahya Jammeh is very challenging on them but they are doing everything possible to overcome it.

He said after Mr. Jammeh’s departure, the youth of the village came together and form a development association to oversee the community’s development activities that would enable them to overcome their challenges.

He said the Kanilai central mosque is in critical condition and requires attention for completion, saying people have to put politics aside and focus on national development and reconciliation. “I hope the government will listen to our appeal and help us complete the mosque, it is a house of God and not an individual property. Allah will abundantly reward anyone who contribute in its completion,” Bojang echoed.

Author: Lamin Del Fadera