Kanifing Hospital birth rate rises to more than 16 deliveries everyday

Friday, August 24, 2018

Sohna Jeng, a Senior Midwife and Nursing Officer at the Kanifing General Hospital said the hospital’s birth rate has rose with an estimate of 16 to 18 newborn every day.

She said immediately after deliveries, they advocate breast feeding to the nursing mothers where they will clean the mother’s breasts and attach the babies to them.

Doctor Masirending Njie, a registrar at the hospital’s Maternity Unit said maternal mortality is a big challenge not only in The Gambia but globally. “Our target is to reduce maternal mortality to a significant level and most of the hospitals in this country are battling with lot of issues concerning maternal mortality.”

She said every three months, they conduct what they call “maternal mortality audit” in which they will invite different stakeholders to discuss maternal mortality and look at the gaps and achievement so that those kind of things would not reoccur.

On the issue of newborn babies, Mr. Njie said they have some complications in infections and all those are challenges for them as medical practitioners.

She added that women need to be empowered in order to increase their educational level and their earning, saying women cannot even make decision for themselves without their husbands and they have seen situations where the husband categorically refuses for their wives to be operated. “These are things that endanger their lives. When that woman dies, that husband is going to marry another woman so husbands need to allow their wives to make their own decision about their health.”   

Author: Njie Baldeh