Kambengo Nursery, Lower Basic School holds 11th graduation

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Kambengo Nursery and Lower Basic School in Sukuta, Kombo North, Saturday held their eleventh graduation and prize giving ceremony for thirty-six students who recently graduated from Nursery to Lower Basic school.

Head of the school Mafugi Saidy said, the ceremony marks another “historic moment in the history of the school, saying the student population increases to 122 students in 2018 compared to 30 in its first enrolment. 

Mr. Saidy highlighted that the school has a priority of providing affordable quality education for children in a clean and healthy environment, saying a healthy daily meal is also provided for children to encourage them to be happily coming to school. He attributed their success to their German sponsors, the Sukuta community and teachers who, he said have been providing enormous support to the school.

Mamat .O.A. Cham, guest speaker of the ceremony said everyone has the right to promote peace, saying it is the “mother of every human achievement.”

He said peace breeds friendliness, harmony and tranquility in societies and grants opportunity for everyone to embark on pursuing their dream conveniently which could involve education among several others.

Mr. Cham described quality education as the bedrock of civilisation and human right, saying every government has the mandate to provide good education to its citizens. “To achieve quality education through the promotion of peace is to practice orderliness and responsible behavior in societies.”

He urged parents and teachers to encourage children to embrace the concept of nationalism. 

Author: Moses Emmanuel Mendy