KaCE aims for positivity in music

Friday, February 08, 2019

KaCe, Oslo based Gambian hip-hop artiste said his aim is to reach as many people inspire them in a positive way not about fame and money”

He is planning to have collaboration with Gambian artistes in his upcoming extended play.

“I am in discussion with Barahama, ST, Jizzle and Nobles to have collaboration; I have earlier had a discussion with Mandingmorry, Jalex about using the drums in an Africa style;” he told journalists.

He pointed out all these artistes doing it big in Gambia, the way they composed their lyrics is amazing that is the reason I feels that Gambian needs to be put on the map.

According to him, music start from Africa, adding that he is now concentrating in Nigeria, Ghana and South.

 We recently gather a Diaspora music union in Oslo which is to bring on all artistes in Diaspora to connect and showcase their talents in both home and abroad  to put the country in the map.

He explained that: “I do motivational hip hop music to used the hip-hop platform to inspire and motivate the younger generation to actually do something better for themselves, I do that by using the popular instrumental and background music, so they can find themselves listen to the music, so that they can become a better person, because I feel like as an artiste, we have a responsibility to motivate and inspire the people that listen to our music all over, 

“I having been doing music in 2006 and it started back in Gambia as a poetry because I was born in Norway but am brought up in The Gambia until 2003 when I return to Norway, so I took my poetry link with music which I found was hip-hop”

He noted that he  have so far release 25 singles with four video, but he have problem with his vocabulary so since he reposition himself released two singles and two videos.

He added: “Since I started music in 2006, I have been bless with having a distribution deal with a label called Tone Black in German and another label in US The Empire where I get a distribution deal and the reason for the deal is instead of a record deal that was for me to be signed to a label.

 I need a creative freedom and if you have a creative freedom ,you can have a chance of making a music you want to make.

  “We are living in a society of so much negativity going around, so for me I just want to spread positive and help people by bringing them forward to better their lives”

Esmaila Camara, a promoter to KaCe said KaCe music is inspiring youths to stand firm and move higher. “That is the reason; I stood by him to move his career to the highest level”, he explained.