JYDA elects new executive

Friday, January 05, 2018

Jataba Youth Development Association, in the Lower River region, has recently elected a new executive to steer the affairs of the association for the next two years.

The newly-elected executives are Landing B. Sanneh, Chairman, Simbong Camara, vice-Chairman, Lamin K. Darboe, Secretary, Abdoulie Sanneh Asst. Secretary, Bambo Darboe, Asst. Secretary, Sulayman Darboe, Treasurer, Fatou Drammeh, Asst. Treasurer, Molipha Darboe, Auditor, Lamin Sonko, Asst. Auditor, Omar Jarra, PRO, Lamin Marong, Asst. PRO, Sarjo Sanneh, Social Secretary, Abdoulie Darboe, Asst. Social Secretary.

Lang Sanneh, Lamin Wonto Darboe, Jalamangding Jarju, and Langba Marong are the council of elders.

The association was established to contribute to the development of the village and its people and the country as a whole.

Since its establishment, the association has come up with many development projects for the village and prominent among them are: mini-health post, support to the Arabic school, tree planting among others.

According to the association officials, youth of the village are very much committed to the development of the village and are working on other new projects for the development of the village.

Lamin K Darboe, vice chairman, JYDA, said their main interest as the youth of the village was to work together for the development of the village and the country as a whole.

He noted that the Jataba village could not develop without the full participation of its youthful population.

He said: “We have a big role to play in the development of this village, and unless we work together as youth and elders to develop this village for our people, nobody will come from outside to come and develop Jataba for us, it is us who should work together and develop it.”

Sulayman Darboe, treasurer, JYDA, said the association since inception has initiated many projects all geared towards the development of the village and its people.

He said the village is facing so many development challenges, from limited access to better health services, better market, enough water supply to the women village garden and others.

He said: “We have some serious development challenges, we have very limited access to better healthcare services, it was from the effort of the association that we built a health post, provided medicines and other needs by ourselves. The only thing that government did was to provide us a travelling nurse.”

“We want to call on government to extend their support to us and build us a health center and reduce the sufferings that our people are going through. In the entire area there is no hospital, anytime we want to have access to a hospital, we have to travel either to Soma, or Bwiam, which is far,” he lamented. 

Author: Sulayman Ceesay
Source: Picture: Newly elect Chairman of JYDA, Landing B. Sanneh