‘Jungler’ gives accounts on the execution of 9 inmates

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

‘Jungler’ Lamin Badjie of The Gambia Police Forces (GAF) yesterday testified before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC), giving an account of how the execution of nine death row inmates was carried out.

He disclosed that they were informed that there were nine inmates at the Mile 2 Central Prison who should be executed according to the laws of the nation.

“On that night in 2012, I and my team went to Warna Beach around Mile 2 Prison and stood there. Solo Bojang met us and said he would give us a sign when it’s time for us to enter the prison but at that time, he never briefed us about the mission. At second time, he notified us to enter the prison that was the time he said the inmates were going to be killed.”

Commenting on their operation, the witness said he was there with Solo Bojang, Alieu Jeng, Omar A. Jallow, Michael Jatta, Bora Colley, Momodou Jarju alias Rambo, Saikuba Jarju, Sang Mendy, Sang Correa, Interior Minister Ousman Badjie and Justice Minister Babading, and many others.

He added that at the time they were transported from the prison, their hands were cuffed and feet were shackled.

“Solo and the team took them from the prison and headed to Lance Corporal Bojang’s Range in Brikama, but I was behind with Alieu Jeng to collect some foods at Westfield. When I arrived at the range, Saikuba Jarju told me that they were done and confirmed the bodies to me.”

The witness continued that they proceeded forward in the bushes in Foni were they threw the remains of those victims, adding that when he was asked to bring the rest of the materials in the car, he met Solo on the ground reciting some incantation which he suspected as sacrifice.

When asked how he got to know the killings, witness replied that he was informed by Fansu Nyabally that they suffocated them on their way to Lance Corporal Bojang Range.

He said after the operation, they were compensated with 5, 000 dalasis each.

He explained that when he used to mount cell at the National Intelligence Agency’s (NIA) training school at Tanji, Ndure was locked there for a full day without food or water.

He disclosed that on 23 February, 2017, he was arrested and detained in connection with the junglers’ case but later got released.

Author: Pa Modou Cham
Source: Picture: ‘Jungler’ Lamin Badjie