Jungler confesses he worked for Jammeh as killer

Friday, July 26, 2019

Amadou Badjie of The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) and also a member of ex-president Yahya Jammeh’s killer-squad known as ‘junglers’ on Thursday testified before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC), disclosing that he and his colleagues worked for the former president as killers.

He further confessed that he took part in the killings of former soldier, Tumani Jallow and a civilian Abdoulie Gaye.

“They were detained at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and later taken there by myself, Malick Jatta, Alieu Jeng, Omar A. Jallow, Michael Jatta, WO2 Fansu Nyabally and Saikuba Jarju and we wrapped a rope on their necks and pulled it till they died.”

He revealed that he took part in the killings of nine death row inmates, disclosing he had killed only one of the nine inmates.

“We were informed that Yahya Jammeh ordered the killings of nine inmates and we had to collect them to the Mile 2 Central Prison. We collected them and took them to Lance Corporal Bojang’s Range. But on our way, I and Omar A. Jallow were asked to kill one inmate in the vehicle that was sitting in between us. The other inmates were killed upon our arrivals at the group by suffocating them to death.”

He added that after killing those inmates, there were more than two ministers who came at the ground to observe how the killings were done.

On the killing of two Gambian Americans, Jungler Badjie said he was among the people that mounted a check point around Brusubi round-about (turntable) as a trap to capture them.

“They were captured because they were alleged that they wanted to fight Jammeh out of power. We arrested them and later took them to their lodge and searched for evidences, but the only thing we could found was some foreign currencies, some Gambian dalasis and a refrigerator vehicle that carried groundnut hay.”

He continued that they took them to NIA for interrogation where Jammeh called and demanded to see them. He said they took them to Jammeh and he ordered their killings by cutting them into pieces.

“We took them to Jammeh’s garden and killed them. As I was digging the grave with some of my colleagues, others were busy strangulating them to death, which I participated in the burial.”

He said he was in the operation with Lt. Solo Bojang, Major Nuha Badjie, Capt. Momodou Jarju alias Rambo, Lt. Mustapha Sanneh, Lt. Michael Jatta, WO1 Fansu Nyabally, WO1 Pa Sanneh, WO2 Malick Manga, Staff Sgt. Omar A. Jallow, Staff Sgt. Sulayman Sambou and Sgt. Saikuba Jarju.

He also confirmed his participation in the torturing of former Chief of Defence Staff, Rt. Maj. Gen. Lang Tombong Tamba, Imam Baba Leigh and Ba Kawsu Fofana.

Author: Pa Modou Cham