July 15 was a trial of strength for Turkish democracy: Ambassador Yuceer

Friday, July 13, 2018

The Turkish ambassador to The Gambia has affirmed that the July 15, 2016 attempted coup in Turkey, launched by a terrorist group- Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), was a trial of strength and perseverance for the Turkish democracy and the state.

Ismail Sefa Yuceer was speaking at a press conference on Thursday at his embassy in Brufut heights, as part of events marking the second anniversary of the July 15th, 2016, attempted coup in Turkey.

“It makes us proud to have passed this test. All the political parties, both in the government and in opposition, the uninfected elements of the armed forces, the police force and the Media stood up against the putsches. Above all, it was the people of Turkey from all backgrounds and political views, who resisted and displayed a historic example of solidarity as they stood selflessly in front of the tanks and reclaimed their democratic rights,” he pointed.

Ambassador Yuceer noted that the bloody attempt was thwarted by the bravery and sacrifice of the Turkish people, adding that the painful memories of the fateful night is still fresh on the minds of the Turkish people.

“The put schists mercilessly used lethal military hardware against innocent civilians, who took to the streets to defend their democratic institutions, claiming the lives of 250 innocent Turkish citizens and wounding more than 2, 500 people,” he recalled.

The Turkish-Banjul diplomacy chief added that during the last two years, criminal activities of FETO have been investigated in hundreds of different court cases, bringing to surface the darker undertaking of the organisation. Confronting such a dark, sinister and clandestine structure, he said, is necessary and proportionate measures to suppress and eventually defeat the imminent threat.

“Fortunately, Turkey, under the wise leadership oh H.E President Erdogan, has managed to minimize the existential threat and overcome the trauma created by FETO. Two years on, our fight against FETO member coup plotters has not weakened our security forces and civilian bureaucracy, on the contrary, the Turkish armed forces, national police and state apparatus in general have stronger as they have been cleared of FETO member-traitors,” he stated.

The Turkish ambassador thanked The Gambia government and the brotherly people of Gambia for the solidarity shown and support extended to the Turkish government and people of Turkey at the time. He revealed that The Gambia was the first country in the whole of Africa to close down the FETO School in 2014.

“Now two years after the ominous night, our determination to defend Turkish democracy, the values of human rights and rule of law remains intact. Our government and the Turkish people would continue to keep a firm and dedicated stance with regards to our journey of democracy. In view of the heroic resistance of the Turkish people to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization, 15th of July has been declared by the government as democracy and national unity day in Turkey,” Ambassador Yuceer stated.

Author: Pa Modou Cham
Source: Picture: Ambassador Yuceer