Journalist Lamin Sanyang launches book ‘Better Must Come’

Monday, November 05, 2018

Journalist Lamin Sanyang has launched a book he authored entitled “Better Must Come’ at the region 2 education directorate in Brikama last Saturday. 

In the book, the author featured the growing pain of young people who are trapped in the streets without learning a trade or building a career to help them live comfortably later in their lives.

Mr. Sanyang said he was grateful to God, his family, colleagues and all Gambians for the love and solidarity they showed toward him in the accomplishment of his maiden book launch.

He said, he is one of those who believed that Gambian literature will make significant impact only when it starts to confront the challenges facing the people on unfiltered stories, struggles and strives.

Chief launcher of the book Sam Sarr, Editor of Foroyaa Newspaper said it is a pleasure for him to lead the launch of the book, saying the first time he saw Mr. Sanyang, he knew that he was more than a journalist.

He said Gambians always have problems in seeing their literature work published, adding that writers must first understand the country’s reality, future and the culture before writing about their country. “Gambians need a literature that is realistic in nature. The book has put the reality in the right contest without blaming the youth or parents,” Mr. Sarr said.

Renowned activist Madi Jobarteh said he was impressed by the author’s courage and determination to have a voice that seeks to carve a brilliant tomorrow bent on setting its rhythm on the values of yesterday.

He said the author has added huge value to Gambian literature which, he said is a great pillar in national development. He said the book will help young Gambians to know how Gambians lived decades ago and to contribute to tourism.

He challenged young Gambians to develop the culture of reading and writing their own stories.

Abdoulie Senghor, the reviewer of the book and English language and literature lecturer at The University of The Gambia said the 66-page work depicts the values of Gambian urban life, saying he was impressed by the author’s deployment of narratives and analyses of past events and occurrences to define the future.

He said the book reminds all Gambians about the past years of how and when young people used to sit in street corners brewing attaya and smoking with the hope of going to Europe without uplifting their lives.

Sheriff Bojang jnr, Gambia Press Union president said he was glad to witness the book launch by a colleague journalist. He commended Mr. Sanyang for his commitment, saying as a Union, that is what they want to see happening. 

Author: Rose Zahra Gomez