Journalist Jadama’s house flooded

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The heavy downpour on Saturday between the hours of 3pm and 6pm inundated the house of Tombong Jadama, a senior journalist with specialisation on sports reporting.

Jadama’s house at Bakoteh Tippa Garage, behind the fish market, was among the tens of flooded houses that had never experienced such before.

The rain did not find him in the house; he was out to visit a friend in Tallinding where he was when he received a phone call from a neighbour for him to go home to check his house.

“I then took a taxi but when I arrived home, it was difficult for me to even get to my house because the compound was full of water.  I had to force my way to my house but because of the level of the water, I could not even open the door myself.  I called people to come and help me open the house,” he said.

When Jadama entered the house, he found all his things in a pool of water; even the mattress in the bedroom was flooded. 

“Also, my official bag which contained most of my documents and journalistic materials including laptop, digital camera, recorder, three flash drives, was completely flooded,” he lamented.

“This is a horrible situation for me,” Jadama bemoaned, adding that the laptop has two projects he was working on; one of the projects was almost completed, the other one was halfway done. 

After an initial recovery work at the house, Jadama took the laptop for repairs but it could not work, for the water had damaged it beyond repairs.

Journalist Jadama is appealing for help to replace his working materials and gadgets.  He is reachable on phone on (+220) 2969206 / 9933761.  

Author: Assan Jobe
Source: Picture: Journalist Tombong Jadama