Journalist Dawda Faye publishes second edition of his novels

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

One of The Point’s senior court reporter Dawda Faye has published the second edition of his novels, namely: The Broken Reed, The Betrayer and Bad Blood.

The Broken Reed- is a novel about a young boy who loses his father when he starts his primary education. Because of poverty, his mother could not have the financial means to support him to continue his education.

He decided to leave his village and went to the urban area in search of greener pasture to ameliorate his family condition, but there too, he went through trauma and tribulation. With seriousness and passion for education, hard work and perseverance, his dreams came true. This book was reviewed by The Standard Newspaper in its 10th April 2015, edition.

The Betrayer depicts the life of a lady, Nabu, who is married to Tijan. She gives him her entire heart. She does everything for him to please him but Tijan abandoned her with her baby-boy for another woman. Nabu could survive it.

Bad Blood tells the story of a woman, Lemu, who vowed that her daughter, Kodu, would not marry a son of a blacksmith. She feels that they are superior to blacksmiths and forces her daughter to marry her (Kodu’s) cousin brother. But it was this very son of a blacksmith who saves her life.

The books are written in an appealing way that to all categories of readers. They are available at Timbooktoo bookshop at D300 per copy.   

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb