Journalism lecturer authors books for journalists

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Great Akah Ottuduoma, a Mass Communication lecturer at the Stratford College of Management has authored three books dubbed ‘Key and Skills to English Language Proficiency, Communication Skills for Managers and Administrators and News Writing Formula for Journalists’.

The books are for both practicing and would-be journalists. However, the books are birthed to theoretically and practically guide news searchers, writers and presenters the arts of news gathering and reporting for a better society since the life of every man in the society is one way or the other tied to media production economically, socially, politically and even spiritually.

His News Writing Formula for Journalists professionally spells out sacrificially the rudiments of news/news writing and journalistic communication in general for students of Mass Communication or Journalism and the practitioners alike. The books are aimed at guiding journalists through their quest to collect information to inform, educate and entertain the people and the society at large.

 In an interview with The Point Newspaper, Great Akah, acknowledged that the pregnant that force the birth of these latest books was conceived at the Daily Observer Newspaper, the country’s flagship paper when the management in collaboration with UNESCO staged an in-house capacity building for journalists, where he was invited as a resource person to give lectures on two key areas namely- “Module Curriculum for Journalists Education” and “Criteria and Indicators for Quality Journalism Training”

He explained that he received the inspiration and the compelling force to write this book as reaction to experience gathered, while giving lectures in the hall. This interactive nature of the class away from academic class room order, he added, created opportunity for elaborate contributions from theoretical and practical point of view; guest lecturer and the practitioners at the same time.

 “Of course you cannot expect anything short of an interesting moment given the interactive nature of the lecture involving the two personalities above mentioned. I decided here and then to keep that moment memorable by writing this book which I strongly believe would no doubt aid reportorial exercises professionally from the experience gathered during the lecture,” he said.

Journalists, he said, are responsible for media information expected by the public including governments at all time to make decision socially, politically, economically amongst others, pointing out that crisis or peace in the society is not unconnected with media reportage on a daily basis.

“The growth and development of the society is tied to the media information available to the people in the society through journalistic practices-news gathering and reporting thereof, hence journalists are teachers of the society,” he noted

He expressed optimism that whosoever lay hands on these books for use journalistically, shall no doubt be richly blessed in the arts and skills of news gathering and reporting.

About the author

Great Akah Ottuduoma is the registrar and head of Mass Communication Department at Stratford College of Management. He is also the secretary general of Nigerian Community and Governing Council, Nigeria International School, (NIS) The Gambia.

He holds Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA Hons) English and Literature Studies and Post Graduate Diploma, International Relations and Politics respectively. He authored several books such as Key and Skills to English Language Proficiency, Communication Skills for Managers and Administrators, Words on the Marble: Life Tablets a philosophical and inspiration book of note, Letter to God and My Ancestors.

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara