John Bass Kidney Foundation seeks for sponsorship

Monday, September 16, 2019

The John Bass Kidney Foundation is seeking for sponsorship to support other kidney patients as well as sensitize people on kidney failure and disease. 

Bass, who is the brain behind the foundation is optimistic that it will go a long way to help others who are in similar cases or might be in such situations in future.

“If I share my experience, I may save a life. Most of the players don’t know much about their diet. I deem it necessary to share my experience. It’s very rare for Gambians to go for check-up unless they are sick,” Bass said.

But he said nevertheless, some sicknesses can be dormant without a person realizing them, saying it’s part of nation building to offer health services. “You can still donate a kidney and live life, I want to create awareness,” he emphasised.

Why support our cause/ Campaign?

Bass said more dialysis machines are needed, erythropoietin and lots more. The unit is so tight. He said 56 patients are currently using the 14 available dialysis machines whilst 15 others are also on the waiting list. Three kids under the age of 15 are also having kidney failure. 90% of kidney failure patients in the Gambia are women.

John has been seen as a resourceful person, and with the establishment of his foundation, he and the team will serve as a great help in explaining the disease to the families of other patients.

They will also hold regular seminars and presentations across the country which will include institutions, schools and clubs whilst also partnering sister groups in promoting quality health across the region.

Also, coaching and giving support to patient awaiting oversee treatments will be one of our priorities.

The foundation said they are still looking for sponsorship and contributions via their Gofundme. Its Gambian contact person is Gibril Sidibeh 6700998/7700998.