Jarra, Kiang benefit from NCCE sensitization

Monday, October 30, 2017

The National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) on 25 October 2017 began a massive community sensitization outreach in LRR in 26 selected communities of Jarra and Kiang.

The campaign started in the West Coast Region, covering 46 selected communities in both Kombo and Foni.

According to the NCCE Acting Senior Programme Officer, Yusupha Bojang, the activity was part of the institution’s ongoing awareness campaign on Democratic Governance and Civic Rights and Duties of citizens in a Democracy.

Mr Bojang added that the objective of the campaign was to cultivate an environment of democratic continuity in The Gambia that would enable all citizens to participate freely and fully in the governance and development process of the country.

He also said that through the exercise, citizens’ Political and Civic consciousness would be raised, thus enabling them to meaningfully assume their responsibilities.

“This will help to address some of the illusions about democracy and the notion of the new Gambia, which is causing certain irresponsible behaviours which could affect the peaceful coexistence in the country if not addressed,” he noted.

Speaking at Jarra Sukuta village, Ansumana Yabou NCCE Senior Civic Education Officer, said a lot of people misunderstand democracy even though it has been in existence for centuries.

He added that it means respecting and protecting people’s rights, sharing powers to ensure good governance, providing an opportunity for collective decisions, citizens participation, freedom of speech, political association, assembly, belief among others.

Mr Yabou stated that it was some of those in power who govern wrongly but democracy is not a bad way of governance.

He called on citizens to be engaged in national development, saying no one would come from outside to develop the country.

He also urged everyone to report any suspected activity that could cause chaos in the county.

Yabou also called on citizens to hold authorities accountable, saying, “we elect Presidents, National Assembly Members, Councils and other leaders to meet our popular needs.”

He further urged citizens to see each other as equal if they want to end their differences.

 He called on citizens not to allow politics to divide them as it comes and goes but their neighborliness remains.

Jankung Saidy, NCCE Senior Civic Education Officer, speaking at Njoba Kunda village, urged citizens to try to maintain the peace, stability, protection of the constitution and good name of the country at all times.

Alagie Sulu Saidykhan, the Jarra Sukuta Village Development Committee chairman, commended NCCE for educating them, saying they are now aware that democracy does not mean doing or saying whatever you want without being held accountable but rather being involved in the development of the nation.

Koba Saidykhan, a native of Sukuta, said if democracy is rightfully applied, they would all live in peace and harmony.

She on behalf of women of the village, thanked NCCE for ‘showing them the way’ as well as their noble work. 

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb