‘Jammeh victims dying…’ centre warns

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Centre for Victims of Human Rights Violations has warned that a number of their members are dying because they are unable to access timely medical attention they urgently need.

This warning was relayed to the Barrow government through the minister of Justice during his meeting with the said victims, held at their centre in Kololi on Wednesday, 14th February 2018.

“We appeal to the government to look into possibilities for urgent medical remedies to those who are in dire need…,” Sheriff Kijera, interim chairperson of the Victims’ centre told the Justice minister in the presence of the press corps who gathered for a briefing.

The Gambia Centre for Victims of Human Rights Violations, launched in May 2017 tasks itself with providing psychosocial support to survivors, ensuring that justice is done to survivors, and serve as a resource center for survivors and their families. The Centre also seeks to be a liaison between victims of human rights violations and various arms of government during the transitional justice phase of national reconciliation.

They secured specialist treatments in Turkey and Dakar, respectively, but the victims are unable to meet the costs of travelling, accommodation and medical bills, neither does their centre. They comprise those who went underwent torture, rape, beatings and psychological traumas under the Jammeh regime.

According to Mr. Kijera, losing some of these members might undermine support to the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission process as their cases hold credible evidences against some of the perpetrators.

“With some support, a number of them have been sent to Senegal for treatment. But many more are in need of specialist treatment which can only be done outside The Gambia,” said Kijera. 

Minister Tambadou on his part said he has received communication from the centre to the effect, and his office will act to ensure the needed care is delivered to them.

“You are the engine of the TRRC process. Without you, the system cannot move or be successful. We will therefore do all in our power to make sure that no one goes through what you and your families went through over the past 22 years,” Tambadou told them.

Author: Sanna Camara
Source: Picture: Sheriff Kijera