‘Jammeh ordered Ebou & Mamud be cut into pieces’

Thursday, August 08, 2019

On day 2 of his testimony before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC), on Wednesday, ‘Jungler’ W02 Pa Ousman Sanneh admitted his contributions in the killings of Baba Jobe, Tumani Jallow, Abdoulie Gaye, Ebou Jobe and Mamud Ceesay. He also admitted his participation in the torture of Cpt. Sajor Jarju and Cpt. Ablie Jobe.

On the killings of two Gambian Americans, Ebou Jobe and Mamud Ceesay, the witness disclosed that the duo was captured 100 meters before the Petroleum House at Brusubi and were taken to Kanilai where Yahya Jammeh ordered them to be cut into pieces

“At Kanilai, we took them to former President Yahya Jammeh’s residence and he ordered their killings by cutting them into pieces,” he disclosed. “We took them to Jammeh’s garden and I was part of those who dug the grave and buried them after my colleagues had chopped off their heads.”

He said he did the operation with Lt. Malick Jatta, Solo Bojang, Alieu Jeng, Omar A. Jallow, Michael Jatta, Momodou Jarju alias Rambo, Saikuba Jarju and Fansu Njabally.

On his participation in the killings of Tumani Jallow and Abdoulie Gaye in 2013, the witness continued that the former National Intelligence Agency’s (NIA) director, Sheikh Omar Jeng drove the victims to Airport Junction and handed them over to Mustapha Sanneh.

“Tumani Jallow was in our vehicle with Momodou Jarju alias Rambo, Saikuba Jarju and Omar A. Jallow. Abdoulie Gaye was on board in a vehicle with Malick Manga, Sulayman Sanyang and Michael Jatta, and all of them were killed in the car during our trip to Kanilai by strangulating them.”

He added that when they reached Foni, Sana Manjang led their way to Jammeh’s garden where they were buried.

Explaining December 30th incident, the witness said his team went to State House and found the dead bodies of Lamin Sanneh, Jaja Nyass, Njaga Jagne around the house. He added that Jammeh also ordered the arrest of Cpt. Sajor Jarju and Cpt. Ablie Jobe.

“We took Cpt. Jarju and Jobe to NIA and they were tortured, in which they sustained injuries.”

On his concluding testimony, witness apologised to victims’ family, while disclosing that he had only received 15, 000 dalasis as compensation during his time as a jungler.

Author: Pa Modou Cham