Jammeh alone cannot be blamed for the atrocities committed Says NPP leader

Monday, December 11, 2017

The leader of the National Progressive Party (NPP) has said that the former president Yahya Jammeh alone cannot be blamed for all the human right violations and atrocities committed during the past 22 years.

“What is important now is for Gambians to forget and forgive each other in the interest of national reconciliation,” he affirmed.

Baboucarr Jabbie was speaking during an exclusive interview with this medium from his base in Paris, France.

“The Gambia belongs to all of us irrespective of our tribal or religious affiliations; we should reconcile and forgive one and another. Jammeh and members of his former government have done what they should do; be it good or bad and we cannot blame Jammeh alone for all the theft and human right violation during his 22 years in power. There exist people still serving government who supported him to commit these actions.”

Prosecuting Jammeh, he opined, is not the solution and that ‘if he is to be prosecuted” it means all those top government officials some of whom are currently serving the government should also be prosecuted for aiding him.

To this end, he emphasised that Gambians today need each other more than ever and further called on all to always promote national reconciliation so as to bring about peace and stability in The Gambia.

He continued: “I really agreed with Seedy S.K. Njie who said that worse heinous crimes happened in other African countries, which have never happened here, but they reconciled and opened a new chapter,” he said. “I think we should be thinking that line and see how best to bring back our youths who are being enslaved in Libya and how to create more job opportunities for young people.”

NPP, which is the latest party in the country’s political spectrum, aims to promote national reconciliation, agriculture, quality health care and education, tourism and ensure effective transport system in the country.

Readers would recall that Jabbie, 38, was the former chairman of the anti ‘backway’ organisation dubbed-Operation No Backway to Europe (ONBE). He is currently based in France.

Author: Sheriff Janko
Source: Picture: Baboucarr Jabbie NPP leader