Jamaica’s Melanie Wynter for Startup Grind Banjul

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Melanie takes front stage as she presents the Pentagon Effect, a 5 pillar methodology designed and used by Elizabeth Sloane to build stronger companies in Jamaica. Her presentation will focus on how to apply and implement the methodology in the transformation of the Gambian economy through strengthening small and medium businesses. Specifically, how the methodology can improve productivity, accountability, innovation for building more competitiveness and resilience in Gambia.

Startup Grind which features emerging business and economic leaders as invited Melanie Wynter to present Pentagon Effect which was recently presented at TEDx Talk . While the overall gathering focuses on bringing together developers and entrepreneurs across languages, platforms, and industries, it is a promoter for Innovation, which aligns with Gambia’s mission to become a mid-income economy by 2030. building growth in Gambia. The organizers aim to create an environment to network, engage, and learn about trending and up-and-coming topics that are shaping the future of business today.

Gambia which depends heavily on agriculture and tourism faces the challenge of diversifying their economy to provide more opportunities for job creations and innovation. She aims to identify the opportunities for market expansion and market creation for Gambia in partnership with Gambia Chamber of Commerce. She hopes to bring ideas from Jamaica, new trends and best practises for revolutionizing how businesses innovate and lead economic transformation, to enhance Gambia’s Economic diversification.

The Pentagon Effect has repeatedly proven its success through the growth of the companies that have made use of Elizabeth Sloane & Company business support services. Her presentation aims to promote the Pentagon Effect methodology as a viable business development tool in helping businesses to grow in a sustainable manner. She will discuss how Elizabeth Sloane can assist the Chamber of Commerce fuel innovation and entrepreneurship especially among youth, entrepreneurs and SMEs.

A World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Retired Ship Navigator, now Business Developer, Melanie Wynter has pursued learning and development experiences in the United States and Canada. She regularly attends summits and conferences globally to determine ways to address economic growth and development by strengthening small and medium businesses. As Managing Director for Elizabeth Sloane Melanie’s duty is to lead the growth of Elizabeth Sloane throughout the Globe. 

The company is a business development company which guides companies to meet their true economic and strategic potential through their services. Services such as IPO readiness, capital and deal structuring, accounting and internal auditing, business development and, Digital Transformation are offered to businesses in pursuit of growth and expansion. She believes greatly that the heart of any strong economy is efficient small and medium businesses, stating “ NCB didn’t start as a Blue Chip Company neither did Apple”.

Elizabeth Sloane partners with global leaders to help speed up transformation and position Jamaica and the Caribbean nations as global partners.