J. C. Faye Memorial School holds graduation, prize giving

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

The Reverend J. C. Faye Memorial School recently held its graduation and prize giving at a colorful ceremony held at the Saint Mary’s Cathedral Hall in Banjul.

The event also saw the passing out of the school’s Grade 12 and 6 and Kindergarten 3 students.

This year’s graduation was held with the theme: Hard work and discipline; a basic requirement for success and happiness in our contemporal society.

Acting Principal, Reverend Canon Jacob O. Cole congratulated the graduating class for their accomplishment and equally reminded the grade 6 and kindergartens that they have just graduated from one-level going to the next in their basic and elementary educations.

Guest speaker, Abieoseh George Gaye, a former Commissioner in the Commission of Inquiry, appealed to parents and guardians to always encourage and support their students as they progress through their lives and careers.

She called on the graduating class to always bear in mind that their achievements were not accident, saying they are graduating because they have worked hard, exercised discipline, and have been dedicated to their school works.

“Without hard work and discipline, you would not have made these achievements today,” she said.

Mrs. Gaye encouraged the graduating class to be hard working and dedicated to the pursuit of their target goals, saying being dedicated means they must invest their time to understand and master the basics before moving on to bigger tasks.

“No athlete wins a medal before investing years of his life into training, before getting his body ready to endure it, before building the strength and expertise necessary to become a champion and before developing the mindset of a winner.”

She reminded students that the same applies to them in all aspects of their life, noting that they have to learn the trade, develop trust, display maturity and demonstrate that they can be relied on to advance to higher levels.

Author: Alieu Bobb