I’ve never ever have any deals with Yaya Jammeh: Prince Ebrahim

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The chairman of Royal Africa Holdings, Prince Ebrahim Sanyang says freezing his companies by the Janneh Commission initiated by Justice Ministry is a witch hunt because he has never ever had any business dealings with former President Yaya Jammeh.

The Gambian business tycoon made these remarks in a press briefing on Wednesday at a local hotel while expressing his disappointment with what he described as an unfair treatment.

“I have never ever had any business with the former president,” he said. “In fact I never met the former president in any close door, the only time I had met President Jammeh was when almost a hundred and forty British students happened to come to Gambia, everyone else was invited he shook everybody’s hands that was the infamous picture that goes around everywhere else.”

Sanyang vehemently denied any association with Jammeh at any point in time and said “there hasn’t been any business, if there had been, today it would have been manifested. If they had any single evidence my brother ‘Walahi, I swear by the Holy Quran they would have presented it,” he continued. “Numerous people went through this commission of inquiries in out in out there haven’t been a single nexus or even a piece of evidence attaching my name to anything.”

“I’m saying this on record if anybody has that evidence in Gambia or happened to even know of it, I urge them to come to the public, the Commission of Inquiry is there, they should go there and inform them so that I can be brought to book. But I have never heard any business with him and my detractors have staged managed just to tarnish my image.”

Mr. Sanyang said if the commission had any evidence against him they would have called him for clarification because his companies are among the first to be named as associates of the former leader.

In a letter sent to the chairman of the commission to refuting allegations levied against him by the Justice Ministry, Mr. Sanyang said for the fact that his companies were the first to be named, he should have been brought before the commission to clear his name.

He said he had intended to work with the government using his aircrafts to subsidise and charge hajj tickets for Gambian pilgrims at a cheaper price

According to Mr. Sanynag, he also had planned to transform the Banjul International Airport as the main attraction center within the region using his aircrafts and creating numerous employment opportunities for young Gambians.

Freezing his companies have crippled the business deals he should have had in Senegal and Ghana worth hundreds of millions of dollars that could have created employment are in hold because of the alleged associations with Jammeh, he said.

He said he is not afraid to appear before the Janneh Commission and therefore want justice and by that he means they either bring him to book or allow him to continue with his business like others.  

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko
Source: Picture: Prince Ebrahim Sanyang