It’s time to secure our document against fraud!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Identity theft has become perhaps one of the defining crimes of the information age, with an estimated 9 million or more incidents each year globally. And evidence suggests that the longer it takes to discover the theft, the greater the loss incurred and the smaller the likelihood of successful prosecution. Older persons and those with less education are less likely to discover the identity theft quickly and to report it after discovery.

A total of 40 personnel of The Gambia Immigration Department (GID) were recently been certified after undergoing a two-week intensive training on document security and fraud detection.

The training was being organised by the German Federal Police in collaboration with the German Embassy in Dakar, Senegal.

The timing of this training speaks volumes as the country resolve to curtail these fast-rising enterprises. In recent years many developing countries including The Gambia continues to face new threats with regard to identity theft. This training would therefore arm our men and women in uniform with the necessary information relating to document security and fraud detection.

According to a recent survey by a New York based firm-AARP, someone’s identity is stolen every two seconds, costing countries more than millions a year due to fraud.

Therefore, we thank the Immigration Department for conceiving such an important training. Remember that criminal gangs in their quest to expand their lucrative enterprises devise new means or mechanisms on daily basis to avoid being detected. So this is where professional competencies come in play.

The training is therefore laudable, coming at a time when the country is undergoing serious security sector reforms in all sectors.

The recent surge in multi-national crimes such as human trafficking and other organised crime call for multi-sectoral approach. Let us not be left out in this crusade and as a country, we have to be one step ahead of these criminal networks, if not the country’s security would be compromised.

This ugly practice has cost our economies so dearly. So let’s all stand up against this network of criminal gangs.

“There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.”

Frederick William Robertson