ISRA trains Majalis Marabouts on child protection and rights

Monday, January 07, 2019

Institute for Social Reformation and Action (ISRA); an Islamic faith-based organisation last week trained forty Majalis Marabouts on child protection and rights held at Saama Kairo Federation office in Brikama.

Supported by UNICEF through a partnership cooperation agreement, the marabouts were trained on UNICEF’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project, constitution, and Islam and child right issues.

Executive director Phoday Mahmoud Kebbeh said the training targets to reach out to 1, 500 Talibes in a total of fifty Majalis. “We train these Marabouts for them to be aware that Gambia is part of the global village and a signatory to several international instruments such as Convention on the rights of the Child (CRC), and the African Charter on the Welfare and rights of the Child and our domestic laws.”

Mr. Kebbeh said it is important for the Marabouts to know and understand the provisions of these laws to also help students to understand the basic literacy numeracy and life and livelihood issues, saying they believe that once the Marabouts’ awareness is raised on these issues, it will facilitate the Talibes’ skill development in both English and Arabic. “We have been working with several organisation to improve education in The Gambia,” he said.

Musa Konta, one of the Marabout participants  from Simoto Touba in Upper River Region Tumana district said the training was a good opportunity for them as it helps them to understand child right issues and networking between them. “The training empowers us and our Talibes on English language and livelihood skills.”