IOM sensitizes URR youth on irregular Migration

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

International Organization for Migration (IOM) last Tuesday held a day’s sensitization on irregular migration for young people in the Upper River Region.

The project, funded by UK Aid was meat to raise awareness of young people on the consequences of irregular migration, as the journey through the harsh climate of Sahara Desert and across the Mediterranean sea, has continue to claim the lives of hundreds of youth in search of greener pasture in the West.

At the URR gathering, Omar Sey, deputy governor of the region, maintained that the plight of Gambian youth must be safeguarded to avoid more loss of lives in the high seas through irregular migration. 

“We all know that youth are the engine of growth and the source of labour for the nation and the future leaders.”

Sey commended the youth for their determination to improve their standard of living, saying he is concerned about their health and wellbeing in becoming future leaders and not victims of dangers associated with irregular migration.

Momodou Billo Jallow, URR commissioner of population, acknowledged that migration is an integral aspect of life on planet earth, adding that people move about in search of survival, run from danger or to catch life opportunities.

 “Migration is tied to human spirit which seeks adventure, pursue dreams and find reasons to hope even in the most adverse circumstances,” he explained. 

Author: Fatou Cham