Inventor set up for global campaign

Friday, November 23, 2018
Preparations are in gear for what many would love to call “one of the greatest inventors of our time” to embark on global campaign spreading the world of knowledge, unity, love and the need to have Africa develop to an enviable desired level worthy of emulation by the rest of the world. Mr.KabullyNimaga, director general of African Arts Collection made this disclosure in a recent interview with this reporter ahead of preparations for the cited worldwide knowledge campaign, which is likely to see him off to the United States of America and beyond. “I have been talking to people for quite a long time now and I think it’s time for people to realise what I have been telling them, especially the need for African unity, development and prosperity for all Africans, through knowledge generation, research, writing, teaching among other means of educating and reaching people of Africa and beyond”. According to the renowned African Arts Collection director general, since the advent of his invention to date, to be precise 20 years ago, he has successfully invented and discovered four major alphabetical writing skills for Africans and humanity at large, which he is more than ready to share with anyone interested in learning African language writing and reading skills for free. He described the invented and discovered fourmain types of alphabets with their meaning, saying they are called Soni, Sombi, Kiesaka and Karhege, which areat his office on Kairaba Avenue, next to LK Upper Basic School and readily available for use by anyone interested. For him, the Arts Gallery meant to exhibit and host the language school is near completion and that it will serve as research centre for all Africans and non-Africans alike. He also added he had already paved the way for knowledge generation and research, which once heeded will lead Africans to glory and prosperity as far as the desire to total independence and sustainability is concerned. The inventor extensively spoke about challenges and success stories registered throughout the 20 years of his invention and the need to follow his footsteps, adding that Africa is a blessed land, but there is a need for Africans to make use of their talents and nature at their disposal.
Author: Sanna Jawara