Introducing Sensational Reggae Dancehall Artiste Black Thunder

Friday, January 12, 2018

Black Thunder is a Switzerland-based Gambian reggae dancehall artiste who is making waves at both home and abroad.

Born in Badibou Njaba Kunda on 5th December, 1987, Saikou Kanteh, popularly known as Black Thunder is a songwriter, reggae and dancehall artist. His passion for music began when he was seven years old.

At that age, he had already started a band with his friends and later decided to consider music as a career. Shortly afterwards, he met a popular local producer called Papis who brought him to the studio. This saw him record his maiden single called ‘Liberate from Action’ at TJ records in 2002.

In 2004, Black Thunder relocated to Milan, Italy to pursue a two-year music studies. After completing his studies, he went into the studio to record more music and later founded a band. His musical journey began taking shape and saw him touring Europe with his band.

In 2009, he left Italy for Bern, Switzerland where he launched a solo career and signed contract with Likkle Lion Record in Geneva. While in Bern, he attended music school for 20 months doing both theory and practical and was regarded as one of Switzerland’s best 12 artistes. In 2014, he signed another contract with Atomic Dog Record in Bern.

In 2015, he toured The Gambia with eight concerts and the proceeds were donated to schools, hospitals and youth development projects. As of March 2016, he was working on his debut album which was released that year. The album features songs like ‘Eye Pon Me Girl’, ‘Too Late To Come Home’, ‘Money Make Them Funny’, ‘Woman I Need you My World’, ‘Mama Don’t Worry’, ‘Visa Use’ and ‘One love’.

In a separate development, Dj Mutaburaka, a disc jockey at Paradise FM has won top ten countdowns at Paradise FM five times.

He explained that the top ten countdowns is a collection of different Gambian artistes usually aired at Paradise FM every Friday. Fans vote for their favorite through text message.

“Due to the quality of his music he was voted five times in a row, Black Thunder is a great artist as he got good lyrics, Gambian music fans respond positively to his music,” the veteran DJ said.

He said   they are making all efforts for Thunder to tour the Gambia again. He urged Gambians to expect a hit tunes from him.