Introducing rising singer PRAISY’S

Friday, July 06, 2018

Ebrima Jallow,alias Praisy was born on 14th January 1996 in Brikama Sanchaba.

Praisy got both English and Arabic knowledge as he emerged from a very strict parental background. He grew up as a less mobility young person with utmost regard and respect for all coupled with his GOD fearing attitude; he helped many of his earlier teen associates and maintains a cordial rapport with his contemporaries and the elderly.

He got the inspiration to sing based on the aspirations he got for his elder brother Nyamakala who was singing at the time Praisy was young.

Praisy’s good manners rose mounting positive responses toward his career and his songs touches all spheres of human endeavors. Unanimously, Praisy’s coexisted folks can attest to his regard for neighborliness, his humble and gentle character which shapes his youthful swagger.

Earlier in 2014, Praisy recorded his debut single entitled ‘Mobeyeh Ballou’ a Mandinka term meaning survival for all and sundry.The Single Ascertains clarity of matters related to social injustices attached to the destitute but then Praisy’s attitudes determines his aptitude and now look at his altitude.

The Brikama  born Artists also maintains his position as a renowned producer at  New Generation Record Corporation which he owns, far and wide, Praisy’s works with so many artists and none artists alike in his production studio.

Praisy’s pinnacle began in December 2016 just after the impasse when he releases the Gambia’s most talked about single ‘Mbatatale’ a Mandinka term meaning absolute tiredness...

Praisy’s spew shades on the new government with regards to electorates expectations on them, the frustrations of young people and the challenges they faced in society. Out and about, Praisy’s became an uncontrollable inferno...The ‘Mbatatale’ hit single has taken him beyond boundaries and borders no wonder he toured the entire Senegambia.

Praisy has lot of fans most of which are children at lower basics. No child feels hesitant to sign the songs of the Gambia’s greatest hit single maker which is one good sign of a greater artist.

Devoid of his greater sense of art, Praisy have a strong team behind him Mbatatale Movement with their leader Lamin Camara Alias Ayataan who serves as Praisy’s manager. Ayataan has cordial ties with Praisy and unlike so many other artists Gambia; Praisy has utmost respect for those that made him...

We learned that Praisy and Ayataan have been mingling since in their earlier teens.He launched his debut album called ‘Mbatatale’ on 5 April, 2018 at Brikama Jokor with a huge crowd bust 

Author: Njie Baldeh