Introducing rising Gambian artiste Mo Blacka

Friday, January 18, 2019

Real name Momodou Sohna, Mo Blacka was born and raised at James Senegal Street inn Banjul and attended Wesley Primary School and St Augustine’s High School.

He has his family in Bakau New Town Sohna Kunda but was raised by his aunty and grandmother in Banjul. When his grandmother died and his aunty moved to the States, he moved back to Bakau New Town to live with his mother.

Moving to Bakau was a blessing as he was living in a street where the neighborhood was full of musical talents; right opposite his compound was where the Holy Family Band lives at Leigh Kunda. So Mo would just cross the street and get in to Leigh Kunda.

That was about the same time the Born Africans were coming and they were his friends who he always hung out with all day and night. This inspired Mo to get into Music. By then, he could not play any instrument but was aware of all the different instruments and a good song and poem writer.

Mo was one day writing a story called “Blacka than the night never seen the day Before” and a friend who was there with him read the first word “Blacka” and simultaneously start calling him Blacka and that’s how he come to have the name BLACKA.

He continued to be well involved in music as time goes by and soon started to feature everywhere musicians gather. 

One day, Mo went to a popular place call Blacka Forest where all bands were performing at night and met a guy name Ebou Kuts, who was just sitting there watching him struggle just to understand a single chord. Kuts told him that he can see the interest he has in music and since he has a nice voice, he would help him.

Mo Blacka started to go to Kuts’ house where he occasionally brew “Ataya” and Kuts would give him the chords and show him technics. It was like a miracle because after six months, Mo could play the keyboard and became the band’s keyboard player and singer at the same time.

Soon Mo begin to travel outside The Gambia for musical performances which took him to as far as Europe and later decided stay and that was how he settled in Sweden for the past thirteen years.

His Music career in Europe was great. He had the chance to meet musicians and performed at many functions. That gave him the chance to learn other music like jazz, blues, funk, and pop to widen his repertoire by influencing his music with different flavours.

Author: Njie Baldeh