Interview with Alhaji Jah, Banjul Mayoral Aspirant

Thursday, March 01, 2018

The Point: What is your name?

 Alhaji Jah is my name

The Point: Tell us briefly who you are?

Mr. Jah: I’m a Banjulian, born and raised at 3 Rankin Street. I am married with two kids. I attended primary and high school in Banjul. In 1980, I went to the United States of America. I briefly attended Massey Business College and Devry Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Then I attended I.T.T Institute of Technology, where I did Electronic Engineering Technology.

The Point: Can you also give briefly your work experience?

Mr. Jah: Yes, right after high school, I taught as an unqualified teacher at Pakalinding junior secondary school for one year. I then worked under Soil Science and Agronomy dept in Yundum. In Atlanta, I started my work carrier at the Hilton hotel working as a waiter. I worked for southern building maintenance, where I worked up the ladder to become the operation manager. I was responsible for three divisions covering the length and breadth of Atlanta and some other parts of Georgia.

In 1988, I moved to Oakland, California and started Standard services of California. In 1994, I moved to Portland, Oregon where I worked for Tektronix in Wilsonville as an electronic technician until 1999 when I return home. In 2002, I was principal in setting up a collection system for the city which worked well for four years.

I was principally involved in helping council secure funds from the Canada fund in order to excavate the ring canal; just to name couple out of a long list.

The Point: Have you ever contested in any election?

Mr. Jah: Yes, I contested in the Mayoral election in 2013.

The Point: What motivates you to contest again?

A. In addition to the numerous efforts I have been making since 2001; contributing to the socio economic development of the city, I also have the city at heart and believe that I have practical solutions to many of the pressing problems facing the city.

The Point: What are your plans for the city?

Mr. Jah: First, a city must have a development plan. Fortunately, the council has drawn up a development plan waiting for validation. Anyway, my short term plans are to put in place a viable and adequate waste management system, tackle the sewage problems in collaboration with the sewerage division of Nawec.

Tighten and increase revenue collection, find a short term solution for the re-export trade trucks on Banjul south streets whilst working on a long term solution. This is to create a clean and healthy environment for people to live and contribute to the development of city without avoidable health problems.

My long term development plans are to regenerate the city, increase economic activities, create jobs, revive the tourism sector in Banjul and build roads; making Banjul attractive for families to work and live in.

This strategic plan shall be carried in phases; in consultations and collaboration with stake holders within and in the diaspora including friends of Banjul.