International NGO making difference in The Gambia

Monday, March 11, 2019

The saying that no government can do it all alone or simply put it, no government is capable of meeting all its development objectives alone, hence the need for interventions at either individual or collective level, including development partners as Non-Governmental Organisations, civil societies and other community self help development oriented initiatives.

The Gambia, like most countries across Africa and beyond, enjoys and continues to benefit from such humanitarian gestures from diverse sources on various scales and for different purposes, mostly inspired by the desire to enhance and improve on attainment of our sustainable development programmes as a government and people of the country.

This reality has been affirmed in the on-going spirited philanthropist donor activities in the country embarked on by Caravanes Solidaires, France based international Non-Governmental Organisation, operating in different countries across the globe, including Indonesia, Syria, Yemen, Sirilanka, The Gambia among others.

The relief and development oriented organisation is currently building a primary school in Jarumeh-Kuta Village, Central River Region, which once completed will house both English and Arabic system of education for the community and beyond as per its space and purpose meant to accommodate more students as possible.

Most villages within the CRR, including the cited beneficiary Jarumeh-Village are also set to benefit from on-going well digging projects of the organisation, with the objectives of providing clean and accessible drinking water for the villagers and beyond, cognizant of occasional water shortages and access to clean drinking water for such rural communities and its impact on their lives from social, economic and religious perspectives.

“We provided two ambulances to Kuntaur Hospital meant for the entire community, as it’s the main Hospital within that arear, hence the need to support them deliver quality and effective health services. This further inspired the organisation to offer payment of some staff of the cited hospital with a view to encourage, motivate and inspire them to do more for the benefit and welfare of the people of the area, We also intend to equipped this Kuntaur Hospital and others across the country as we would be bringing containers loaded with medical items to that effect”, the executive manager told this medium.

Orphan sponsorship programme also featured on the agenda of the organisation, which according to the executive manager, would start from Jarumeh-Kuta Village and beyond, in line with objectives of the organisation with relief and development on their core mandates.

Mr. Mohamed Alaa Eldin, disclosed plans to open an office in The Gambia as a result of what he called “his passionate love over the country and its people’ especially their hospitable and humanitarian nature.”

Author: Sanna Jawara