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Friday, June 01, 2018

With close to sixty thousand Gambians in Diaspora in the United Kingdom and the big question is how do they stay connected with their motherland or more importantly how can their motherland keep connect with them?

The Gambia with a vast wealth of both human and natural resources to show case to the world both in the United Kingdom and at home, InterFace Gambia aims to bridge the gap by targeting a global audience while promoting Gambian culture and educating the younger generation by highlighting positive trends within the community.

Find out what our young Entrepreneurs, SeneGambians Culture, Events and religious chat shows Live on BEN TV every Wednesday From 10:30pm, Saturday Mamos TV From 9pm and Sunday 10:30pm on GRTS


Ben TV Every Wednesday @ 10:30pm

GRTS TV Every Sunday 10:30pm?

GamTV2 on Mamos Online TV platform, Saturdays 9pm

With cutting edge design and content that is inspiring and always enlightening, InterFace Gambia covers real issues, educates our audience and offers an invaluable window to a rich culture. To maximise our outreach we will be utilizing a range of marketing/multimedia tools and platforms.

 We focus on the following:

• Media spotlight on Senegambian individuals and their success stories

• Interviews with interesting members

• Events

• Music and entertainment news

• Fashion and style

• Business news and advice

• Travel and Tourism

• Religion

• Sports