Inter-coastal community environment alliance launched

Friday, May 31, 2019

More than 10 coastal environmental community representatives ranging from Barra to Kartong have over the weekend launched an inter-coastal community environment alliance geared towards solving the ongoing environmental concerns of the coastal communities. The event was held at the Gambia Ocean Heroes’ main office, Bijilo.

The alliance according to its members is aimed at strengthening a single network of coastal environmental volunteers in order to safeguard the current ecological destruction surrounding settlements within the country’s coastal zones.

Momodou Camara, the project coordinator of the Gambia Ocean Heroes, said the formation of the coastal community alliance which comprises town and coastal villages in the country is mainly to serve as a volunteer body that will work in creating mechanisms towards the protection of the emerging environmental damages around the coastal settlements.

He added that a vibrant network of coastal environmental volunteers of all communities within the coastline will only allow in yielding a positive outcome in terms of coastal environmental protection.

“It is very important for us environmentalists to know the significance of this alliance and this is not just a formation of an alliance period, but it is there to help us work together within communities to find a lasting solution to the going environmental problems on our coasts.”

“So to remind you as a coastal environmental alliance; is that we are not only doing the campaign alone but also including the government to complement their efforts,” he added.

Sulayman Bojang, from Gunjur, Kombo South, on behalf of the communities, said the establishment of the alliance would help generate important environmental programmes for the communities confronted with environmental issues, adding that coastal settlements more so Kombo South areas are struggling with issues of environmental damages every day.

“Our coastal communities are everyday confronting with environmental destruction and these include our marine lives and vegetation as well,” he pointed out. “So it is important to work as a single body in order to find a lasting resort in mitigating problems of the environmental damages.”

Author: Yusupha Jobe