Integration of Gambian returnees’, awareness creation project commences

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

A new project dubbed Back-way Returnees Integration and Awareness Creation Project (BWRIACP), which is an initiative spearheaded by the association formed by Gambian returnees has commenced on Wednesday.

The project is part of International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) awareness rising and public information campaigns for migrants and communities under the EUTF-IOM initiative on migrant protection and reintegration.

The event was marked with a procession from buffer zone in Tallinding to the youth monument at Westfield where the formal opening ceremony took place.

 A number of Gambian youths have successfully made the journey. However, those who tried but failed and are back in the country formed an association to raise more awareness about the condition African go through from hot desert to Libya jails in their quest to reach Southern Europe.

Kemo Bojang, a representative from the Kanifing Municipality Council said Gambia youth embarked on the journey for variety of reasons.

Awa Jeng from IOM said irregular migration has many consequences including torture and death, saying it is important for communities’ to raise more awareness about the dangers of back way. “IOM promotes the principle of rising awareness on irregular migration.” she stated.

Muhammad Bah, an irregular migrant said he left The Gambia in 2015 to Mauritania where he stayed for 6 months and later in Mali. “I lost one of my friends while we were trying to cross through the desert. I wanted to come back but I have no choice but to continue to Libya where he witnessed scenarios of shooting people to death and nothing will happen.” 

Author: Sanna Jallow