Insist Global launches Jangal Digital La

Monday, December 03, 2018

Insist Global (Gambia) Ltd, a Pan-African software company that specialises in information systems that fit the African context last week launched a new lab called Jangal Digital Lab at Saint Joseph’s School. 

Chief executive officer Seedy Omar Bensouda said Insist Global is a market in ICT and innovation and they have passion to solve major social challenges through technology.

Mr. Bensouda said schools are increasingly recognising that technology is the future of learning but a major challenge of schools is often how to overcome issues such as high cost of investment, managing content, ensuring child safety and access to quality internet. “To solve these problems, Insist Global decide to launch the Jangal Digital Lab. This solution combines the Jangal Tablet, Jangal content library and high speed 10mbps internet access to provide a powerful but low cost solution.”

He said the Lab has being introduced in six schools as a pilot project and during the next 2 years they plan to work with partner schools to train teachers on using the internet as a powerful teaching and learning tool. “We will also work with teachers to refocus teaching around the Jangal tablet by learning to use the rich content and to gather data on student usage to help improve the solution.”

He said during the two years several reports on impact will be developed and shared with partners including the government which can be used to define and upgrade policy. He said Jangal digital is a first-time initiative in The Gambia and its goal is to deploy the Jangal lab in every Gambian classroom. 

The Jangal platform features four aspects; a very powerful MIS that allows scores, attendance, teacher performance, lesson plans and scheme of work to be done online. Secondly, it has a parent portal for parents to follow their children performance; a student portal where students can not apply online but submit assignments online and a large digital library with hundreds of apps, thousands of books and other content that students and teachers can use for supplementary learning.   

Author: Fatou O Barrow