Indonesian Gov’t awards scholarship to Gambians

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia recently awarded three scholarships to Mrs Amie Jammeh, Modou Jonga, staff of Brikama Area Council in the West Coast Region and Lamin Baldeh, a resident of Tabokoto.

Mrs Amie Jammeh was admitted at the University of Airlangga, Indonesia to pursue Masters in Disaster Management, and Modou Jonga was admitted at the University of GadjahMada to pursue Masters in Public Policy Management under the Kemitraan Negara Bekembang Scholarship which is under the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia.

Lamin Baldeh was awarded to study the Indonesia official language, Art and Culture under the Darmasiswa Scholarship organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia.

According to officials, the Darmasiswa scholarship is awarded to foreign students from countries that have diplomatic relationships with Indonesia to study the Indonesian Bahasa language, art and culture and the Kemitraan Negara Bekembang also known as the partnership program.

The partnership program is a financial assistance offered by the Indonesian government to international students from developing countries to pursue their Masters degree in Indonesian Universities.

The objectives of the scholarship is to contribute to the human resource development in developing countries, promote deeper cultural understanding between countries and strengthen relationship and cooperation between developing countries.

Speaking on behalf of the students from forty-seven countries at the orientation session of 2017 KNB Scholarship held at Ibis Hotel, Jakarta, Modou Jonga, extended their sincere gratitude and appreciation to the government of Indonesia for their foresight in creating these unique scholarship opportunities for students from developing countries.

Mr Jonga commended the officials of Indonesia in these countries and International Admission officials of the sixteen universities in Indonesia that offer students’ admission to pursue their Masters degree for their hard work in making sure that students travelled from their countries to Indonesia without hindrance.

He pledged on behalf of his colleagues to make best use of the scholarship opportunities and be good ambassadors of their countries during and after their studies.

A total of seven Gambians have benefitted from the Darmasiswa and Kemitraan Negara Bekembang scholarships over the years from 2008 to date.

Author: Adam Jobe