Importance of vegetable gardening

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Joel Karsten, an expert in vegetable gardening for over 40 years once said: “Vegetable gardening is as important as other essential life giving pursuits, such as digging a well for clean water or lighting a fire for life giving heat.”

Vegetables are essential for a healthy and balanced diet. The ability to grow food for oneself is a fundamental skill that differentiates humans from other lower animal species.

“I believe that human beings have some need inside of us that is only satisfied when we successfully plant a seed, watch it grow and then harvest that crop and eat it or share it with our loved ones,” the experienced gardener said.

In addition to the above mentioned health benefits that can be derived from vegetable gardening, it is a major source of self-employability and also source of income for many poor farmers in The Gambia.

For some, this is their livelihood through which they feed their families, send their children to school, pay for their skyrocketing rents, etc.

In a country where unemployment and illiteracy is high especially among the women folks, vegetable gardening becomes the most sought out avenue for survival for many or less privileged  segment of the country. It becomes a necessity for people to venture into it to make ends meet.

The importance of vegetable gardening therefore cannot be overemphasised.

Therefore, the authorities concern must act swiftly to address the concerns of women gardeners in Sanyang without any hesitation.

We cannot build castles in air to think that government will provide jobs for every Gambian; however, it is the utmost responsibility of the state to preserve the rights and health concerns of these hardworking women.

Let the authorities bring all the stakeholders together to mitigate the challenges of the Sanyang women gardeners as soon as possible.

So they can continue to provide vegetables the people of the country need. So they can sustain themselves and provide a decent living for their families.

“From one small spark a bush fire grows. Sellers of misery are our foes. Merging ruthlessly tongues of flame. Point your finger at those to blame.”

Paul Anthony