Immigration is a natural phenomenon

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Refugee Council in Germany has done a valuable service when they called for an immediate halt to the deportation of Dame Ndow, a Gambian based in Baden-Württemberg state after issuing a strongly worded statement last week.

It’s disheartening to go handcuff a student from class and send him to deportation centre no matter what crime he/she might have committed.

Mr. Ndow, is a footballer and a student working as a volunteer at a home of the elderly in the said state. He was dragged out of his class by the German immigration police, in front of teachers and students in February this year. However, this attitude by the German immigration officials has generated anger with The Gambia and German

In December, the president of Federal Republic of German has announced the revival and expansion of the bilateral cooperation with the Republic of The Gambia, following the peaceful democratic change of government a year ago.

Initially, Dame is scheduled to be deported before Feb. 20 2018 but Gambian pro-asylum activists have called on The Gambia government to disallow the deportation of the young man.

During his December visit to The Gambia, the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier hinted the number of Gambian immigrants up for deportation from Germany was up to 1,500, with fears are they would all be deported before December 2018.

“Some of the target numbers are already in deportation camps and others in prison for felonious crimes such as drugs-related offices,” a pro-asylum activist based in Germany told The Point yesterday. In essence, it is The Gambia government that agreed to Germany sending back immigrants that exhaust all legal remedies, government sources in Baden-Wuerttemberg state said.

Last week, about 45 Gambians were reported have been deported from the United States after the government had agreed to send their travelling documents. The Trump administration made secret time about his hostility to immigrants even after several attempts of reminding him as a son of an immigrant.

It is reported that 36 out of 120 Gambians have already been identified in Baden-Wuerttemberg state by Gambia’s Immigration officers sent to Germany in November 2016, though it is not confirmed who provided them with travel certificates for their deportation.

But what we must understand is that immigration is a natural phenomenon and The Gambia must not entertain the deportation of its citizens from other parts of the world without sufficient legal grounds. 

“Illegal immigration can never be completely stopped, no matter how high the wall or how many patrol agents you have watching it.”

Gail Collins