Immigration faces allegation of scouting Gambians for deportation

Friday, March 08, 2019

Gambian deportees are pointing fingers at The Gambia Immigration Department (GID) for scouting them for deportation.

“I have never done something wrong in Europe that warranted my deportation. I never sell drug and I didn’t commit any crime while in Europe. I was approached by two GID officers in Germany who one of which, I later identified as one Mr. Hydara,” Alhagie Danso told The Point in an interview, as he participated in the anti-deportation protest on Thursday at Westfield.

Some protesters wore t-shirts bearing the inscription: Stop The Deportation, while others held placards: Rise Up Against Deportation, Our Question Deserve Answer.

“I was in Germany for more than five years prior to my deportation. The GID officers in fact spoke Wollof to me when they first approached me. When they invited me, I in fact feel shy because they didn’t give me anything apart from biscuit. I was interviewed by the GID officers who in fact promised to help me with a lawyer.”

Danso in emotion told The Point that it was in fact the German police who gave him 50 Euros before he was handed over to The Gambia Immigration Officers who were in Germany scouting Gambians for deportation. “The Germany police told me that the money will be useful and it will help me as soon as I am back home.”

“The Germany police met me while I was preparing food in order to break my fast because I was fasting on that fateful day.”

Mr. Danso believes that if there was no agreement between The Gambia and the German government, the massive deportation couldn’t have been possible. 

Lamin Kanteh, deportee from Italy, said the Barrow government should inform Gambians as to what is happening. “The government is aware of the deportation and they are silent over it,” he said. “This has never happened anywhere in the world. Some people are deported back to the country they committed no crime.”

“The way Gambians are being deported back to their country is different from other citizens in Germany.”

 “I am urging them to stop the mass deportation. Enough is enough,” Dodou Kanteh a ‘backway’ deportee told The Point.

The spokesperson of The Gambia Immigration Department, Spt. Mamanding S. Dibba was contacted and promised to get back to our reporter but he never did at the time of going to the press.


Author: Momodou Jawo