Imam Ratib launches foundation to promote peace, self-dependence

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Imam Ratib of Besse village in Foni Brefet District has launched a foundation that aims to sensitise people, particularly in Foni, of the need and benefits of peaceful co-existence.

Dairatul Imam Jabbi Foundation also aims to support and encourage people to grow what they eat and to be self-dependent, economically.

The foundation founder, Imam Alh. Momodou Lamin Jabbi, said the idea of forming the association sprung out of the need to enlighten the people of Foni and The Gambia at large about the current political, religious and social situation of the country.

Politically, he said, there is no political difference in Foni that could warrant a state alert or alarm.

“There was only a misunderstanding amongst certain groups of people [in Foni],” he said. “People of Foni are naturally loyal to their leaders. This is from the first republic to the second and, definitely, to the third republic.”

Imam Ratib Jabbi said the peaceful social co-existence of the people of Foni would last because of the region’s cultural diversity.

“All the cultures and people of The Gambia and Africa in general are found in Foni and the people of different cultures have inter-married.  That is why I said there was a misunderstanding among certain set of people,” he said.

The Imam said religiously, Foni got lot of great Islamic scholars who settled and died there and their families are still in Foni.  These scholars, he said, include Tijan Darboe, son of Lameng Darboe, Joren Gitteh of Bajan village, Sheikh Lasana Camara in Sutusinjang village, Alh. Kanjura in Besse village and many others.

“Foni is not an underdog in Islam,” the Besse Imam Ratib said.  “There are many great people there.  It is just a matter of the people showing out the might they have in Foni in a respectable and honorary manner.”

He pointed out the fact that Foni embeds all Gambians; anything that affects Foni affects The Gambia.

“But it is the responsibility of the residents of Foni to take the lead in the affairs of Foni so that we live in peace forever,” he said.  “We will live together do things together so that people all over The Gambia see that we are one big family.”

Alh. Momodou Lamin Jabbi was born in Besse village to Alh. Kanjura Jabbi, the late Imam of Besse, who was one of the founding members of The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council. 

The founder of Dairatul Imam Jabbi Foundation took over the mantle of Imam Ratib of Besse from his father, who taught him the holy Quran for many years.

Source: Picture: Besse Village Imam Ratib Imam Alh. Momodou Lamin Jabbi