I’m a football fanatic: First lady

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Issued: Tuesday 26 March 2018

First Lady Fatoumatta Bah Barrow made a historic appearance when Gambia took on Central Africa Republic in a football match, saying she was a football fanatic.

The friendly game which played on Friday evening at the Independence Stadium in Bakau ended in a 1 all draw.

Madam Barrow’s arrival was announced shortly before the kickoff as she walked on to the pitch in her black jeans and red Gambian Jersey to shake hands with the players.

The energetic and seemingly cheerful first lady who claimed to be the number one fan of the Scorpions took her seat in the VIP stands holding the Gambia flag throughout and was often seen cheering up the players by clapping in a jubilant mood as they created goal scoring chances.

She also met the national female Scorpions team and took a group photo to render her support to the ladies.

“I am here because I am a Gambian that’s the reason,” she said while speaking to The Point after the 90 minutes. “I am a football fanatic; I love football very much that’s the reason why I am here.”

The first lady was seen talking to the players on the pitch as they emerged from the locker room just before the beginning of the second half when the game was goalless.

Her short pep talk and a group photo with the players before the second 45minutes began might have been very effective as moments on in the second half and to her delight; The Gambia took the lead through Assan Ceesay.

Her delight, however, was cut short as Kethevdama Foxi equalised for Central Africa Republic few minutes later.

Mrs Barrow said people should show support to the players and give them encouragement as that is what will lead to success.

“It’s good that we come and support our own players and at the end of the day with this it can give them encouragement to go further and do better in the game”, she said.  “If we want to change the results, we need to support them and start from the grassroots.”

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko
Source: Picture: First Lady Fatoumatta Bah Barrow