IACD Commits to continue raising awareness on corruption

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Anti-Corruption International The Gambia (ACIG); an organisation advocating for Gambia’s Anti-Corruption Bill of 2016, to go through parliament and be enacted into law has taken a renewed commitment to continue raining awareness on corruption.

Commemorating International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) and launching of their participatory platform for sustainably tackling the multi-headed hydra in The Gambia, the organisation highlighted some salient facts about corruption and reiterated that progress to end corruption in reality has been rather slow.

“Despite all the lofty and well-meaning pronouncements by the government, there have been very limited movements in policy actualization and implementation of the anti-corruption commitments to global bodies such as UNCAC, AU, and ECOWAS.”

The organisation stated in a press release that the situation is further aggravated by restrictive provisions in the 1997 Constitution including Section 223 “Declaration of Assets” and by extension the lack of political will on the part of the Auditor General to exercise powers vested in him by virtue of Session 160 (e).

“Functions of the Auditor General is to make public audited reports of all offices and authorities of the government and an account of all public enterprise. Anti-Corruption Coalition (Gambia) is deeply concerned about the impact of corruption on the poorest and most vulnerable persons in The Gambia.”

According to the release, ordinary citizens suffer most when corrupt officials steal funds intended for public services like infrastructure, healthcare and education or take kick-backs to award lucrative contracts to their cronies.

Anti-Corruption Coalition (Gambia) is currently working on increasing awareness and leveraging people’s’ power across the country to help  involve and engage the public  in the fight against corruption, promote values of integrity, and transparency, and  to work with stakeholders at series of events leading to a broader base coalition to tackle corruption in The Gambia.

Author: Fatou Dem