I support Barrow gov’t and what it stands for - Sidi Sanneh

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sidi Moro Sanneh, a one-time Gambian foreign minister, has said that he supports the government of President Adama Barrow and what it stands for.

In an interview with this paper, Mr Sanneh said new Gambia holds great promise for there is freedom of the press, association and freedom to form parties, among others.

The renowned blogger and diplomat said people collectively fought the 22-year-old dictatorship of former President Yahya Jammeh and came out victorious.

“Now the real work is beginning,” he said.  “The challenges are huge after we come out of 22 years of dictatorship but I am confident that the new government is recognising the challenges it faces and will re-double their efforts to ensure that we start on a very nice footing.”

He said one of the things that should be addressed is institutional reform and civil service reform is key part of that. 

“You can have the good intentions, master plan or blueprint, but if you don’t have a strong, vibrant and effective civil service you cannot get anywhere,” Mr Sanneh said.  “As such, it should be government priority to re-organise the civil service as soon as possible.”

Commenting on Yahya Jammeh, Sanneh said now that he [Jammeh] was forced to exile, the next stage should be bringing him to justice.

He said he is working with human rights organisations on how to bring Jammeh to justice, and they are working on a strategy to that effect.  He said their approach will be victim-centerd in a sense that those who suffered under Jammeh will be in the forefront.

“It is through those true stories that we will capture the imagination of the international community, that this was how Hissène Habré was brought to justice.

Sanneh said he do not necessarily have to work for the government in any official capacity to be part of it. 

“I see myself as actually working for the government; I support government and what they stand for,” he said.

Source: Picture: Sidi Moro Sanneh, blogger and advocate