‘I only touch with my palm and Allah heals’

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Musa Jobe, a marabout who heals all kinds of illnesses such as blindness, disability, spiritual attacks and other diseases for just one dalasi said he only touch his patients with his palm but it is Allah who heals them.

Jobe, who receive and heal thousands of patients on daily bases at Albreda and Bakoteh said the blessing is a gift from Allah.

The former soldier told The Point that he has never been to any Arabic school, saying the skill was a special gift to him by Allah. “It is Allah who makes the blind to see and not me and those on wheelchairs to be able to walk. I am not doing anything, Allah does everything. With the help of Allah, if I place my palm on your body any pain you feel will go of,” he said.

He said he treat patients from The Gambia, Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea Conakry and Bissau and it usually take him seconds, minutes, weeks others months to heal them.

‘Yiri Kuntu’ as he is called within the gin clan, Mr. Jobe said he do not ask for any money from his patients, noting that the dalasi was suggested by patients themselves. He highlighted that all he requires from patients after treating them is for them to say ‘thank you, may Allah reward you’.

He said he have a hospital in Albreda that he want to start constructing and have already started collecting sand to construct three buildings for a start.

Alagie Jagne, a 45-year-old native of Essau, who was healed by Musa explained that in his entire life, he had a gin partner that used to make him arrogant after mating with her, added that he went to many places before visiting Musa. “After spending three weeks and receiving treatment from Musa, I am completely free from the gin now.”

He confirmed that he only paid Musa one dalasi for his treatment and appealed to government and anyone who can help to assist Musa with shelter, water, feeding, mosquito nets, buckets, kettles among others as patients come from various countries to receive treatment from Musa.

Amie Ceesay from Cassamance in Senegal said she has been battling with sickness for over nine years but after spending three weeks at Albreda and receiving treatment from Musa, she feels healed.

Kumba Sillah from Bambadala also in Senegal said she had sight problem, stomach and knee pain but after two weeks of treatment by Musa, all her problems have been solved.

Haddy Sowe, an 18 year old student and native of Kunkujang in Nuimi said: “I was seriously sick before coming to Musa but with the treatment I feel fine now.

Jainaba Jawo, a native of Albreda said she use to collapse but after receiving treatment she does not experience it anymore and has now spent three months helping Musa fetch water and massaging recovering disable patients. 

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb