I lost my tooth and sustained injuries on my back-Witness tells court in NIA 9 trial

Friday, June 01, 2018

Kafu Bayo, one of the UDP April 14th 2016 detainees has disclosed that he lost one of his teeth and sustained injuries on his back as a result of the beatings he received at the NIA headquarters in Banjul.

Kafu Bayo, the 17th prosecution witness made this disclosure yesterday whilst giving evidence-in-chief during the criminal case involving the State and nine former officials of the defunct NIA before Justice Kumba Sillah-Camara at the High Court in Banjul.

The witness testified that whilst he was inside the cell, he heard a knock on the cell door and his name was called, he answered and got up and as he stepped out of the cell, two people gripped him and turned him and blindfolded him with a piece of cloth so that he couldn’t see them.

He further adduced that part of the cloth was seriously tired that one of his eyes was terribly hurt and then he pleaded with them to loosen it but to no avail and one of them replied that they are going to kill him.

The witness said as he responded that GOD is great, one of them punched him on him mouth and he lost one of his incisor.

The witness revealed that they took an empty bag and covered his head, tied his hands, legs and threatened that they were going to kill him adding that they spoke to him in Mandinka Language and their voices was a resemblance of male voices.

Bayo further revealed that they took him to a place and laid him on a table with his hands tied and they started beating him with whips.

The witness told the court that whilst they were beating him, one of them told him that there was Bambadinka, noting that he was beaten twice in the night. 

He said the first time, they beat him and the second time he was beaten until he fell unconscious and then taken to the cell.

The witness informed the court that he spent 14 days at the NIA headquarters in Banjul before he was taken to Mile two prisons and thereafter to Janjangbureh prisons.

He adduced that whilst at the NIA, a man approached him and told him that he cannot go out with the clothes he was wearing, saying though the man did not explain to him why he cannot go out with the clothes he was wearing but he knew because the clothes he was wearing were bloodstained.

The witness further told the court that the man introduced himself to him as a doctor and told him he was going to buy him some clothes.

He revealed that the man later gave two shirts and two trousers.

At this point prosecution lead counsel, Antouman A.B.Gaye asked him if he knows the name of the man who introduced himself to him as a doctor, the witness replied in the negative but added that if he sees the man he would be able to identify him.

At this juncture, lawyer A.A.B. Gaye applied for the witness to go and identify the person anywhere inside the court.

The witness left the witness box, walked to where the accused persons sat and pointed at Lamin Lang Sanyang, the 9th accused person as the very one who introduced himself as a doctor and who also brought the clothes to him to wear.

Hearing continues on Monday, 4th June 2018.

Author: Bruce Asemota