#I am not 4 sale campaign reaches Gambia

Monday, April 23, 2018

In November last year, an undercover journalist at America’s Cable Network News (CNN) reported about the sale of African youths in Libya; in which migrants are reported to have been sold in modern day slavery as low as 40 dollars.

The news was greeted with global shock and condemnation, after seeing African young people in horrific conditions before being sold-off as slaves.

Most of these youth are driven away from their countries including The Gambia to travel through the high seas to Libya as a route in attempt to reach Europe in search for greener pastures. Many died at sea and the fortunate ones are left with horrific life experience from their smugglers, who most often crammed them into small dingy boats in their attempts to cross the Mediterranean.

Emanating from these, Red Entertainment and Afro Culture have now come up with a concept dubbed #I am not for sale. The organisation organised a mega musical concert on Saturday at Hypalink, designed to create awareness about the plight of African migrants being sold as slaves in Libya. The concert featured performances from some of Gambia’s finest artistes like Killa Ace, Awa Bling, Omid Wisdom and Awa Gambia among a host of others.

“We are staging a fundraising event to raise money for those who were directly affected. We encourage artistes to sing against slavery with initiatives like #I am not for sale song challenges. We are also proactively working to prevent migrants from using the illegal route to Libya known as Back-way by supporting initiatives on the ground. The first initiative is in The Gambia where we are partnering with organisations preventing young people from undertaking this dangerous journey,” Hippodam Sandro aka S. Rise, one of the organisers said.

He said Africa is their motherland whether they live in the continent or from African descent but as a community, they stand as one and condemn any form of slavery on African migrants.

“We also see it as our responsibility to support the initiative on the continent to prevent African nationals from taking the back-way route. We denounce slavery as a crime against humanity and also welcome support from any group that shares our core values and fight against any form of enslavement and oppression.”  

Author: Sheriff Janko