Hope International School holds 6th graduation

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Hope International School has recently held their 6th graduation at the school ground in Sanchaba Sulay Jobe. The graduated students were those in Nursery 3 and grades 6 and 9.

The school principal Sylvester Manju Conteh said the school was established in 2008 as a small entity with the pioneer Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson starting with a Daycare with four children with desire and vision to promote quality education in The Gambian.

He said the school targets to assists less privileged pupils to acquire knowledge at minimum cost with a feeding programme. He added that the school has made tremendous progress, providing quality education to reach the door steps of every Gambian child. “In academic performance, the school has record progress in the National Assessment Test (NAT) conduct by West Africa Examination Council. 32 of our pupils sat for the exams registering 69.30% passes.”

Mr. Conteh said analysis shows that girls are doing better in school and appealed to parents to encourage their male children to concentrate in education.

He thanked the school teachers for their tireless hard work in preparing the children for the future. He also urged the graduates to work even harder in subsequent levels.

The guest speaker Prophet Robert Cover said life is full of events and activities, saying as the school celebrate its 6th graduation, he commended the teachers for their great work as they serve as teachers and parents at the same time for the children. “Education is not a destination but a journey. Children are enrolled in school because they are taught how to fit in society.”

He said learning is in stages and phases, telling the graduates to nurture in themselves a culture of hard work which, he said brings hope for the future. “I was expelled from school because of my inability to learn. Parents should understand that there are late developers who find it difficult to catch up early in school.”

He reminded graduates that being dull at the beginning of their school career does not mean one is not clever. “With all my slowness in school, I am now a certified aviation consultant. No matter your situation you can be a great achiever.”

He reminded the graduates that their parents are in the investment level of paying their school fees and they will have to ensure that their investment does not go in vein in the end.

Author: Rose Zahra Gomez