Hon. Jawara debunks Foni Bondali lawmaker’s comments

Monday, February 11, 2019

Honourable Fatoumatta Jawara has debunked the recent statement of Foni Bondali’s parliamentarian Kaddy Camara, describing it as ‘serious derogatory remarks’ against the United Democratic Party (UDP) and the government of President Adama Barrow.

Honourable Kaddy Camara stated during APRC’s rally in Brikama that the government of The Gambia has killed Haruna Jatta who died in a protest held at the former president’s resident in Kanilai. She further pointed that the government should have establish a TRRC (fact finding commission) for the killing after a government investigative panel confirmed that he was shot by the ECOMIG forces in the country.

However, Hon. Jawara said if Hon. Camara was a genuine member of the parliament, she shouldn’t have talked about Haruna Jatta’s death. She added that there were gross of human rights violations and thousands appeared during the Ex-president Jammeh’s regime.

“This is the government that Hon. Camara had served and had the opportunity to speak against the brutality of Jammeh and his henchmen in a rally but she was just there to do and say things at the whims of the tyrant and sadist,” she stated.

She took time to recall the coalition supporters who disappeared during the impasse and asked why she didn’t defend these true martyrs of Foni if she was a genuine representative of her people.  

She said if Hon. Camara talks about a level playing field, she is either a despicable human being or dishonest because the government she served denied every Gambian their basic rights.

“She should be grateful to those who did the fight since it is as a result of that victory that she is enjoying democracy by standing at any platform to say anything. She was clearly heard insulting the person of President Barrow in the rally. That’s not democracy and even if that is, she wasn’t part of the fight to usher in that freedom rather she was bitterly against it,” she buttressed.

Author: Pa Modou Cham