Holland charity inaugurates taps at Bundung Mauritania

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Musical Friends of The Gambia, a Holland-based charity in collaboration with Bundung Mauritania six junction development committee, through their APRC aspiring ward councillor Sulayman Jammeh, over the weekend inaugurated tap water facility at Bundung.

Speaking at the inauguration, the public relations officer of Bundung Mauritania six junction ward committee Modou Saidy expressed gratitude to the donors.  He said the donors have been very supportive to Sulayman Jammeh’s development initiatives since he assumed office as a councillor.

He said Mr. Jammeh has demonstrated himself as a servant to his electorates, regardless of their political affiliation, saying “we joined him to ensure that development that is due for our community is brought to the doorsteps of every individual.”

Madam Dianne Van Wissen, one of the donors expressed appreciation for the warm welcome accorded her during her stay in the Gambia, saying her organization has been working in collaboration with Mr. Sulayman Jammeh in the Gambia since 2007.

Councilor Sulayman Jammeh also acknowledged and praised the efforts of the people of his ward. He thanked his counterpart friends for giving him the maximum support.

Author: Fatou Dem