Higher Education minister: Politicians cannot convince us with big words and promises

Friday, May 03, 2019

Higher education minister Badara Joof, Tuesday said politicians cannot convince Gambians with just big words and promises which at the end of the day will fail to honor.

Addressing a gathering at the launch of the national Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) committee and consultation on the TVET roadmap of the ministry, Mr. Joof said there seems to be a ceaseless conflict between policy and practice and between programme and propaganda.

He reminded the TVET committee members that they should apply perspective thinking because they have a big task to work on.

Under the Ministry of higher education, research science and technology, the national TVET committee was established in March 2019 to act as a consultative and technical advisory body. The committee’s role is to ensure that the interest of relevant sector stakeholders  are represented in the TVET policy design, roadmap development, planning and implementation.

Rebecca Simms, programme manager of UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) said as part of its mandate to provide capital and investment instruments, UNCDF offers “last mile” funding models to unlock public and private resources.

She said the national TVET roadmap will help create consensus for action among public and private stakeholders on key strategic decisions such as priorities for TVET investments and upgrading of training offers and technology. “Formulation of the roadmap is based on inclusive consultation with all relevant public and private stakeholders as well as sector associations. The Jobs, Skills and Finance (JSF) is a four year project funded by European Union targeting to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth as well as employment of youth and women,” she said.

During the design stage from April to October 2019, the roadmap will provide critical information concerning the skills gap and training requirements related to development of promising value chains. It will also consider gender-based obstacles to skills acquisition. 

Author: Fatou Dem