High Court discharges Yankuba Touray, FJC

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Justice Amina Saho-Ceesay of the High Court in Banjul on 12 June, 2019, discharged Yankuba Touray and Fatoumata Jahumpa-Ceesay. The duo were charged with interfering with an informant or a witness, an allegation they denied.

When the case was called, Lawyer Lamin S. Camara announced that he was representing Fatoumata Jahumpa-Ceesay together with Counsel Sanneh.

Defence Counsel Abdoulie Sissoho also announced his representation for Yankuba Touray.

The presiding judge then told the court that the Attorney General had filed a nolle prosequi (to discontinue prosecution of the case). She then asked Lawyer Lamin S. Camara whether he was served with a copy of the nolle prosequi by the state counsel.

Lawyer Camara informed the court that he had not been served with the nolle prosecui. Counsel Sissoho then told the court that he did not know why the nolle prosequi was filed.

State Counsel A.M. Yusuf stood then informed the court that the state would not proceed with the case. He formally urged the court to discharge the accused persons accordingly.

Counsel Camara said they had no objection to the application made by the state counsel but stated that they wished to apply for a consequential order, further noting that the order for the discharge of the accused persons should be undertaken pursuance to the bond and all the travelling documents of the accused should be handed back to them in compliance with the condition of the bond.

Counsel Sissoho then told the court that he adopted the application made by Lawyer Camara. He went on to say that the title deeds of the accused deposited at the High Court should be returned to them.

State Counsel Yusuf replied that he had no objection.

The presiding judge subsequently granted the application by the state for the nolle prosequi and ordered that the travelling documents of the accused persons be surrendered to them, as well as their title deeds. She then discharged the accused persons.

The first prosecution witness, Alagie Kanyi, earlier testified before Justice Amina Saho-Ceesay that neither Yankuba Touray nor Fatoumata Jahumpa-Ceesay told him not to cooperate with the TRRC. He said they also never told him to conceal evidence and not to appear before the TRRC.

Author: Dawda Faye