HASENE Int’l distributes 200 bulls

Monday, September 04, 2017

HASENE International, a Muslim foundation based in Germany in collaboration with the International Islamic Youth League on Friday distributed 200 bulls to needy Muslims across the country.

The distributed bulls were slaughtered immediately after the congregational prayers.

The West Coast Region donation came through the Regional Disaster coordinating office and International Islamic Youth League (IIYL) under the supervision of HASENE Coordinators, Sakir Ozyurt and Hamit Kesci.

Speaking at Jalambang village where seven (7) bulls were slaughtered and distributed to the people of Jalambang, Rumba and Kassa Kunda villages, the charity coordinator, Sakir Ozyurt, said the charity was established in 2010 with the purpose of helping people in need around the world.

He explained that since the establishment of the charity the number of countries where the Qurban campaign is held has increased.

 He declared that the Qurban campaign gives a possibility to share their qurban with people in poor and oppressed regions of the world.

He commended government, International Islamic Youth League and NDMA for creating a conducive environment that enabled his foundation support needy Muslims.

Ozyurt said the distribution of the bulls was very much appreciated by the people, which gives them the courage to give more support to needy Gambians.

On behalf of the beneficiaries, the Alkalo of Jalambang village, Lamin Mondo Jatta, commended the charity for the gesture, saying they have put a smile on the faces of some families who were in desperate need.

 He praised the coordinator of the Turkish Muslim Foundation’s activity in The Gambia, and the regional disaster coordinator Binta Sey Jadama for being a patriotic Gambian who is good hearted and has love not only for the people of Jalambang but the country at large.

Alkalo Jatta described Madam Jadama as a truthful, honest and hardworking woman who has great ambition for her country and thanked the donors for coming up with the magnificent gesture, which would go a long way in helping the poor and needy Gambians during the Tobaski feast.

The West Coast Regional Coordinator, Binta Sey Jadama, thanked HASENE International and International Islamic Youth League for the support, saying it has come at a time where some household were affected by flash floods and windstorm and virtually lost their food stuffs.

Speaking at the presentation, a member of the International Islamic Youth League, Kalilou Cham, expressed joy and appreciation about the gifts provided to Gambian Muslims to support them to celebrate the Tobaski feast.

The donation, he said, was not a small measure as far as the Tobaski feast is concerned and described the donors as “true friends of The Gambia”, and urged the beneficiaries to use the bulls accordingly.

He also thanked the regional disaster coordinator for being very supportive of the needy people.

Jalambang Village development committee chairperson, Adama Nyassi, thanked the Turkish head of the delegation for their noble act in distributing bulls to various locations and for serving the poor and needy.

Author: Yai Dibba